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Time to get SMART - (September 2012) PARRY SOUND-  The SMART Community initiative outlined by Downtown Business Association chair Lis McWalter on today's editorial page is an organized step towards the positive evolution of our collective community.

Building a SMARTer Community - (September 2012) PARRY SOUND- What is a SMART Community? A SMART Community is one that leverages internet broadband in how it communicates within and outside the community.

Economic Committee Asks for Project Funding-(June 2012) PARRY SOUND-REDAC requests participation from Archipelago and Whitestone for the upcoming business plan project.

West Parry Sound Vissioning Session -(March 2012) PARRY SOUND -REDAC thanks all of the participants of the WPS Visioning Session and summarizes the results. 

Regional support for smart community plan - (Jan. 25, 2012) PARRY SOUND- West Parry Sound is on its way to becoming a “smart community.”
“You’re not going to have people come up here and live unless they are going to be able to use social media, access the internet, be part of the global community…from a work perspective as well as a life perspective,” said Liz McWalter, who chairs the Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee (REDAC) subcommittee taking on this project.

Students tour manufacturing businesses (Jan 04, 2012) PARRY SOUND - The Parry Sound High School (PSHS) Manufacturing Open House held on December 8  was an amazing success, said Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee (REDAC) organizers.  Approximately 80 Grade 10 career students from the high school attended the event, which was a marked increase over last year’s attendance of 50 students.  The students visited Connor Industries, Shaw Almex Industries, as well as the West Parry Sound Canadore College campus. 

McKellar joins REDAC (October 21, 2011)  Decision takes municipal membership to five  McKELLAR TWP. - McKellar joined the Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee (REDAC) this month.  With its new membership, McKellar helped set the committee's 2012 goals last week during a strategic planning session. The township agreed to join the committee earlier this month after sitting in on three meetings.  REDAC started in 2007 as a joint effort between Parry Sound, Seguin, and McDougall with private business people to encourage economic development in the region. Carling joined this summer after just two of the of three trial meetings it was allotted alongside McKellar.

Carling joins REDAC before trial period ends (September 14, 2011)  PARRY SOUND – Carling Township has joined McDougall, Parry Sound and Seguin on the Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee (REDAC).  Both Carling and McKellar townships opted to undertake a three-meeting trial period in May. The last trial meeting is set for the first meeting after the summer break on September 23.  REDAC is currently planning for a strategy meeting in October and offered McKellar and Carling the opportunity to join early and help plan for that fall session, said area economic development coordinator Kirsten LeDrew.  “The Township of Carling has not made economic development a priority in the past and now looks forward to participating in conversations and initiatives that support the area as a whole,” said Carling Township Mayor Gord Harrison in a press release.

Amalgamation? No thanks (July 8, 2011) - When McKellar Reeve Peter Hopkins put together his campaign for the municipal election he stressed collaboration, not amalgamation. Like other council heads in West Parry Sound, Hopkins said he is happy about the progress made through the regular mayor’s meetings, and wants to continue to work with the other six municipalities in this informal manner. Member of Provincial Parliament (MMP) Norm Miller said while amalgamation won’t come up in his campaign for the upcoming fall election, it is a topic he is willing to discuss with those wanting to explore the potential of forming larger municipalities. Right now, many West Parry Sound reeves and mayors say they aren’t interested.

Three cheers for McKellar (June 30, 2011) Carling and McKellar are giving the Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee (REDAC) a test run. So far, representatives of the two townships have attended two of three trial monthly meetings, returning with positive feedback. The third meeting is scheduled for September, after the summer break.  The two township’s haven’t officially joined McDougall, Parry Sound and Seguin as funding partners, but just the fact they are taking a close look at the organization that’s working to improve the region’s economy is a good thing.  This development demonstrates that regional co-operation is alive and well and that can only bring good things to West Parry Sound.

Carling, McKellar take look at regional economic efforts  (June 30, 2011) - Two municipalities are giving REDAC a test run.  The Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee (REDAC) was started in 2007 as a joint effort between Parry Sound, Seguin, and McDougall to encourage economic development in the region.  Since then, its given annual presentations to the remaining four West Parry Sound municipalities on its projects, such as the Parry Sound Dragon’s Den and high speed Internet, but until this year none had decided to join the original trio. 

Bridging the gap between students and local employers (October 22 2010)– Fifty local career studies students were invited to Connor Industries, the Parry Sound Airport and Found Industries on October 19 2010 during a Manufacturing Doors Open event. The event was held by the Labour Market Group in partnership with REDAC and the Near North District School Board, as a joint effort with the Parry Sound airport, Connor Industries and Found Aircraft, in the hopes to bridge the gap between students and local employers, as well as assist with youth retention.

Dragons hear the pitches (October 22 2010) – Hosted by the Parry Sound and Area Chamber of Commerce, the Business Centre Nipissing Parry Sound and REDAC, the event is a popular take on the popular CBC television show Dragon’s Den, where wealthy investors pump capital into the business proposition of aspiring entrepreneurs. Seven entrepreneurial hopefuls pitched their products and ideas to four “dragons” in Parry Sound’s first Dragon’s Den at the Charles W. Stockey Centre amid a packed house.

Superficial Comments to Complex Issue (September 8 2010)– This is a letter from Andrew Ryeland, Chair of the Technology Committee for REDAC, to Jameson Berkow with the Financial Post, regarding Berkow’s September 1st article in the Financial Post about the CRTC’s recent plan to fund broadband to rural and remote communities across Canada.

It’s Showtime: Money Up for Grabs (May 19 2010)– REDAC is planning its own episode of Dragon’s Den in Parry Sound this fall. Dragon’s Den in Parry Sound is scheduled for 7 pm on October 15 at the Charles W. Stockey Centre, where business proposals can be anything from a one-sentence idea, to a full-out business plan, to an existing business that’s simply looking to grow.

REDAC 2008/2009 Report Card to Council (April 9 2010) – The coordinator of REDAC, Kirsten LeDrew, gave town council REDAC’s 2008/2009 report card and a preview of what’s coming for the organization in the coming year. LeDrew highlighted various REDAC initiatives and accomplishments.

Parry Sound to Play Up its Cultural Assets (March 26 2010) – Using an economic development tool, place-based cultural tourism, an ad hoc committee will be formed to look at what aspects of the region set it apart from other similar areas. Last week, town council approved the move upon the recommendation of staff and REDAC. The concept will facilitate the development of a strategy to capitalize on what Parry Sound already has with minimal cost.

Viewing Culture as Cash (January 29 2010) – Close to 90 participants gathered at the Stockey Centre on January 20th for an event hosted by REDAC and Georgian Bay Country called Culture as Cash: Skin in the Game. The seminar included various speakers highlighting information on how culture can be viewed as a product for business and bring quality to a tourism destination.

Seguin Mayor Responds to Town’s Tariffs (September 16 2009) – Responding to the Town of Parry Sound’s proposals to charge higher rates for out-of-town users using in-town facilities like the BOCC, Seguin Township Mayor David Conn said his township has everything residents need. McDougall and Seguin officials said there were surprised to learn Parry Sound council members questioned the viability of REDAC. A REDAC meeting held the day after Parry Sound’s September 8th council meeting, saw all three townships agree the economic advisory committee is producing results.

Chamber President Leads Local G8 Committee (July 29, 2009) - With a new chair leading the way, members of a West Parry Sound G8 committee hope to get some of the event's attention focused on the west side of the riding.  Parry Sound and Area Chamber of Commerce president Perry Harris was appointed chair of the West Parry Sound G8 committee earlier this month, replacing Dick Scholfield, who held the position for a year, but stepped down to pursue other commitments.  To date, the committee has worked to secure G8 infrastructure funding, with more than $2 million in G8 funding being spent to spruce up Parry Sound and neighbouring communities, including Humphrey, Orrville and Rosseau.  Now, with most of the federal government's $50 million in G8 spending allotted, the committee will focus on drawing attention to the area.

Free Land? (July 15 2009) – In a bid to reduce the area’s housing shortage, the town is seeking developers to build affordable housing on some of its vacant properties. REDAC’s workforce and housing subcommittee recommended the town put the call out for proposals after hosting round table discussions and seminars on the subject. Any applicable proposals have to be approved by council and the agreement would include a caveat that the development stays affordable.

REDAC to Meet Internet Companies (May 6 2009) – REDAC has invited representatives from major Internet service providers to address a lack of service in the area. The many gaps in the area were illustrated through 400 RECAD high-speed Internet surveys people have responded to since December.

Local Canadore Campus a Possibility (February 11 2009) - Barbara Taylor, president and CEO of Canadore College, said a West Parry Sound campus is one of the college’s top priorities. This is a project that REDAC strongly supports.

Land Database Planned for RECAC Website (January 28 2009) – A searchable property database could be added to the REDAC website, dependent on a funding application being approved. Developers will be able to search for the area of land they want to build on in the township of their choice; the database covers eight nodes that have been classified as good spots for commercial or industrial development.

‘A’ for Effort for REDAC (December 10 2008) – Highlights of REDAC’s 2008 accomplishments include a market study, a new website and a home-based business brochure. An area market study and gap analysis that spoke to local businesses and planners to get a sense of priorities for local development was released in May; a website which includes a land inventory launched to market prospective businesses; and a brochure that encourages new business ventures top the list of tasks achieved.